Course Schedule

Course Schedule

Course Schedule

There are several schedules that Rowan Global uses for its courses and programs.

  • Online/Hybrid Modules Schedule
  • On-Site Modules Schedule
  • Winter Session Schedule
  • Regular Rowan Schedule
  • 15-week Session Schedule - 15 Week Rowan Global Sessions usually follow the start and end dates for the Regular Rowan Schedule
  • Individualized Schedule - Many programs have courses with unique start and end dates that do not consistently follow any one of the schedules listed above. The start and end dates of each and every Rowan course (as well as any specific meeting days/times) can be found in the official Section Tally in the column called "Part of Term." If, after checking the Section Tally you are still unsure of the schedule for your course(s), please contact Rowan Global Marketing and Enrollment Management at

Online/Hybrid Module Schedule

  • Online/hybrid Modules are in accelerated format
  • Each week of the module begins Tuesday at 8:00 AM and ends Monday at 11:59 PM EST.
  • For the very first week of every module, no assignments will be due before the 4th day.
  • Coursework is still due at designated times regardless of holidays that may fall within particular weeks. Also, coursework and due dates will stay in effect regardless of weather or other-related school closings.
Term Module Start
Summer 2020 Module 6 06/30/2020
Fall 2020 Module 1 09/01/2020
Fall 2020 Module 2 10/27/2020
Spring 2021 Module 3 01/19/2021
Spring 2021 Module 4 03/16/2021
Summer 2021 Module 5 05/11/2021
Summer 2021 Module 6 07/06/2021


On-site Module Schedule

  • On-Site Modules are the 7-8 week sessions offered as face-to-face module. These courses usually take place on Rowan’s main or Camden campuses or on a partner campus.
  • Each week of the module normally runs from Monday to Saturday.
  Fall Spring Summer
First 8 Weeks Module 1 Module 3 Module 5
Second 8 Weeks Module 2 Module 4 Module 6



*Certain College of Education programs have an alternate Onsite Module 4, that begins with an online meeting one week earlier (during Spring Break). Please check your course information in the Rowan Section Tally for any special meeting details.

Winter Session Schedule

  • The intersession is a stand-alone term like fall, spring, and summer and will appear on the student transcript as such.
  • The two basic models of a 3-credit intersession course are:
    1. 9 to 10 days, face-to-face, either 9:00am-12:45pm (day) or 5:30-9:15 pm (evening) (dependent upon the New Year holiday; if 9 day session, example times may need to be extended to properly accommodate contact hours)
    2. 3-week online (this would run across the winter break)
  • Since Rowan disburses all aid only 2 times each year - during Fall and Spring - no financial aid will be awarded to specifically address intersession courses. However, any refund from aid for fall term may certainly be utilized for intersession courses.
  • For additional details regarding the Intersession term, please click here.

Future Winter Intersession Schedule TBD