Current Student Resources

Current Student Resources

Current Student Resources

Rowan Global is your partner in learning. Our mission is to help you along the path of achieving your educational goals. There is a whole team of professionals on hand to act as your resource from the initial exploration of a Rowan University graduate or degree completion program, to the admissions process, course registration, and program completion.

Exploration and Admission

Rowan Global partners with Rowan University's nine academic colleges to offer graduate and undergraduate degree completion programs in a variety of delivery modes. Please explore our programs and decide which best fits your educational goals. Admission requirements vary by program and are established by the academic department. Rowan Global Enrollment Counselors are on hand to assist you through the exploration and admission process.

Course Registration

Provided you are otherwise eligible (meet the course level and pre-requisites), and there is space available and no other restrictions, you are welcome to register for a Rowan Global course. Course details such as start and end dates, meeting times and locations (if applicable) as well as costs and texts can be found each term in the Course Section Tally. You should use the information in the Tally and not Rowan Self Service to make sure you have all necessary details for your courses. In order to register, you must already be activated in Rowan's student information system as either a non-matriculated student (not currently admitted to an academic program) or a matriculated student. For assistance with registration troubleshooting or to confirm that seats are available in a Rowan Global course contact Academic Services.

Program Completion

It is vital that you meet with your Academic Advisor soon after admission to and throughout your entire program. This will ensure that you are aware of any requirements the academic department may have for program completion or changes to requirements. Only an Academic Advisor can work with you regarding the tasks and timelines related to these additional requirements. The Academic Advisor can also answer any questions you may have related to courses, grades, tests, benchmarks, program exit projects/theses, etc. It is your Academic Advisor who will confirm and approve final program completion.